Roles of AYR Board

AYR Board

Composition of AYR Board:

AYR Chairperson

  • Co-opted member of the APLAR Executive Committee.
  • Assist the President/ President-Elect
  • Must have held one of the other positions in the AYR Board for at least one period before being eligible for the position of Chairperson

AYR Past Chairman

  • Assist the Past President and Scientific Chairperson

AYR Vice-Chairman

  • Assist the International Affairs Committee

AYR Secretary

  • Assist the Secretary-Generals

AYR Treasurer

  • Assist the Treasurer

AYR Educational Co-Chairperson

  • Assist the Educational Chairperson

AYR Webmaster

  • Responsible for the APLAR social media platforms

AYR past chairperson will continue to be part of the AYR Board for 2 years after leaving the post to contribute with experience and contacts. The same post can be held for a maximum of 2 periods (4 years). The elected office-bearer may continue the term of office beyond 40-year-old. Apart from the members of AYR Board, all AYR members are welcomed and encouraged to work together with the AYR Board on different projects. If necessary, the AYR board can co-opt up to 8 AYR members to be on the AYR Board.

The AYR board oversees tasks such as international collaboration, social media, membership recruitment drive and educational activities including AYR symposium. AYR is gradually growing, since the membership drive was initiated at APLAR Congress 2018 in Taiwan.


The AYR Board should work for the developments within the APLAR with a special interest for AYR. The emphasis is to get AYR involved in as many aspects as possible in the APLAR. AYR Board should function as a link between the AYR and the APLAR Executive Committee (EXCO). AYR Board will be involved in:

  1. Bringing ideas and requests coming from AYR members to the Committee’s attention.
  2. Informing the AYR members of important decisions taken by the Committee.

AYR Board should give a full report of activities during the yearly AYR Business Meeting, held on the occasion of the APLAR Congress. The AYR Board is responsible for the organisation of AYR activities at the APLAR yearly congresses, e.g. AYR Poster Session and the AYR Scientific Symposium. The AYR Board is responsible for developing contacts with similar groups in other organisations, such as the fellows in EULAR and ACR.

Voting Procedure

The AYR Board is elected every 2 years, following the periodicity and process of election of the APLAR EXCO. Available posts are open for election for any AYR members given that the person

  1. Graduated MD or BSc
  2. Age 40 years or less at the time of election
  3. Is a member of MNO and nominated by the respective MNO
  4. Is prepared and able to come to the APLAR Annual Congress and other AYR meetings.

Interested candidates should send a CV and a brief description of their work intentions to the APLAR EXCO before the deadline. The APLAR EXCO will select up to 3 candidates for each post in AYR board based on keeping a well-balanced group (gender, nationality, etc.) The list will be presented, together with the candidates’ CV and summary, on the APLAR Website. The MNOs will also be notified about the list of candidates by the APLAR secretariat. Voting will be conducted in the same way as the election of the APLAR Executive Committee during the General Assembly. The new AYR Board starts after the presentation of the election result at the AYR Business meeting.